Tuesday, August 14, 2007

a fruit cup is not dessert

Dear Airlines: Just because I pre-ordered a vegetarian meal, it doesn't mean that I'm a healthy eater. So I don't want a fruit cup for dessert. How about a cookie? Or a little chocolate bar would be nice. And I don't want to hear any malarkey about fruit being Nature's candy, because that's what people who are trying to fool themselves say. On the other hand, the vegan coconut curry was quite yummy.

I am in London, visiting friends and seeing art at the National Gallery and Tate Modern. Poked my head into Neal's Cheese Shop for a big whiff. And finally got a proper dessert (Brazilian Cream) at a vegetarian restaurant in Neal's Place. I'll try to post my itinerary on this page as soon as I get some time to figure this out some more. But right now, it's time to be off the the V&A Museum. Tomorrow...Rome!


Michael said...

When I was last in london, I hit the V&A which (at the time?) featured a huge exhibit of old timey locks and keys. Super neat.

cheese skipper said...

the locks and keys are still there, in all their iron-wrought intricacies. all locks and keys should be so fanciful. and there's something else there that might interest you - an elegant silver spoon designed to protect the mustachioed gentleman as he consumes soup. i think you should ask the cafe to start stocking them.