Thursday, May 13, 2010

searching for Baba Yaga

здравствуйте comrades, from Moscow!

My mental image of Russia has been indelibly shaped by Boris Zvorykin. He's the illustrator of an edition of The Firebird and Other Russian Fairy Tales that my parents bought when I was a kid. I think they actually bought it for my sister, but I've, uh, acquired it. And now here I am in Mother Russia. I'm hoping to come across some clever, talking animals and toys who can get me out of a jam, beautifully patterned fabrics, colorful architecture, and Baba Yaga. I suppose I'll realistically only find two of the above, but I'll still be keeping an eye peeled for a little house on chicken legs.


taggin' OG said...

the grandmother of one of my best friends in elementary school was russian and would buy me a book by a russian author every christmas. the first one i received was this wonderful picture book which i have since lost. i remember it having art similar to what you posted here. good memories.

i hope you're having fun over there!

Heidi said...

if you find the house with chicken legs, please post pic. i wanna see :)