Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Half the people on the streets in Vienna seem to be munching gelato cones, so soon after I hit the streets, I did the same.

I was slightly worried about leaving St Petersburg, since I had booked a ticket on an airline I had never heard of before purchasing said ticket (AirBaltic), and because I had heard there were some funky procedures when departing Russia via air. I left for the airport four hours before my flight just to make sure I could get through all the red tape in time, which meant I left the hotel at 0600 after falling asleep at 0300. Turns out it was all fine; there are two security checkpoints at Pulkovo-2 airport, both with long lines, but I got through both with loads of time to spare, and a full pat-down to boot. Plus I had this swell view of the propellor from my 2D window seat.

The last two weeks have been full-bore sightseeing. I get up and go each morning, and don't stop until dinner. I crash out as soon as I lay down. I have more blisters on my feet than I care to count, and some of them are in places that I didn't think it was possible to develop a blister in. I think I may need that treatment where you stick your feet in a tank of little fish who nibble off all the dead skin, but I'll need a really big school of those little fish. Anyway, I've arrived in Vienna with not much planned out, and not too much time. Need to hit the guidebook tonight, if I don't just zonk out.

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