Sunday, June 23, 2013

small creatures Saturday

It was back to Eichgraben on Saturday for another trifecta of wwoofing fun at the apiary. We did some hive maintenance, a little bit of roadworks, and checked in on a litter of two-day old Russian Blue kittens (closely supervised by Mama Blue. Also, not exactly "work"). And I picked up a jar of holunderblütensirup processed since the last time I was there.


Cybele said...

Oh, man! Wwoofing looks like so much fun! I had to look up the []sirup word. Elderflowers are supposed to be good for you, but I guess you don't need to hear that from me since you already have all the Austrians to tell you that.

Anne Pia said...

Elise! I just read all your posts from this round of Europe! I love that you are doing your adventure there and that you just get yourself into things. I was totally laughing at your sausage eating goal and the schnitzel story! It also makes me smile that you at the bee place just trying to do some useful work and learn things, but the language is such a barrier. I am impressed! It sounds amazing and refreshing. I hope you continue to have a great time there!


Anne Pia said...

I also googled the painting - the red was a nice choice:-)